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The Informal Meeting Of Eu Foreign Ministers (gymnich) In Avignon, France , 05.09.2008

The French Presidency will hold the Informal Meeting of EU Foreign Ministers (Gymnich) in Avignon, France on 5-6 September 2008.  


The “Gymnich” meetings, which are named after the Gymnich Chateau in Germany where it was first held, take place once under the six months tenure of each Presidency. In these meetings, the Foreign Ministers have an exchange of views regarding the EU and its future as well as current issues that take place outside the EU but that are closely related to it.


Foreign Minister Ali Babacan will attend the meeting and exchange information with the EU Foreign Ministers regarding the developments in Georgia and Caucusus as well as the Caucusus Stability and Cooperation Platform that is proposed by Turkey and other regional issues.

Foreign Minister Ali Babacan will have bilateral contacts with his counterparts in the EU at the margins of the meeting.