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Press Release Regarding The Developments In The Solution Of The Political Problem In Guinea , 22.01.2010

Turkey commends the signing of an agreement on 15 January 2010 in Ouagadougu, which envisages the establishment of a national unity government and the holding of the national elections within six months for the resolution of the political conflict, and accordingly the appointment of the Prime Minister of Guinean National Unity Government with national consensus.

Peace and stability of Guinea bears as much importance for the countries of the region as for the people of Guinea.

In this context, determined to continue supporting the endeavours of the ECOWAS Mediator, Burkina Faso Head of State Blaise Compaoré, Turkey invites all parties concerned to persist efforts for the restoration of the constitutional order and complying with the Ouagadougou Agreement.

Turkey is ready to offer required assistance to Guinea during this process.